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The Center for Educational Robotics and Sciences of Crete  "Robotic & Science Academy" is a model space for teaching and developing robotic applications, technology, experiential activities, innovative actions,  seminars and in general experiential learning that aims  preparing children for the world of innovation, high technology and science.

​ THE  "Robotic & Science Academy" is the only specialized Center for Educational Robotics & STEAM in Crete, with complete educational programs consisting of Levels, so the student can gain extensive knowledge in the field of robotics and programming.

Our programs have been designed by University professors and are the link between the theoretical knowledge provided by public education, with the practical applications that children encounter in their daily lives.  This connection is achieved through experiential lessons-game , which consist of imagination, creation, construction, programming and experimentation.

particularly  include  methodologies that promote cooperation between children, the development of analytical and problem-solving skills, experiential learning and  the  application of various fields of knowledge of engineering and various constructions, modern technologies, programming, mathematics , physics , and even architecture  through children's experimentation  in original playful, educational and entertaining  scenarios.

Our goal is  substantial  assimilation  of knowledge through creative and teamwork. Using Robotics as a means of inspiration  of children and to challenge their further involvement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) we aim at the development of their analytical and strategic thinking and their future involvement with the positive sciences.

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